There are 3 cuts within the Perfect Pork range that come pre-packaged in a cook-in-bag. These are –

  1. Sirloin Roast 500g
  2. Pork Belly 500g
  3. Fillet Roast 320g

These 3 cuts can be cooked fresh (from the fridge) or from frozen (straight from the freezer). There is no need to de-frost the cuts before cooking them.

Cooking instructions, including cook time, are printed on each retail pack. Note, it is important not to pierce the cook-in-bag film, as this will naturally self-vent during the cooking process.

The advantages of this special ‘Mylar’ cook-in-bag film are –

  • Reduces cook time by up to 30%.
  • Increases raw to cooked weight yields.
  • Maintains moisture within the product and dose not dry out.
  • Intensifies flavours as vapours are held in the cook pouch until venting.
  • Facilitates browning in the dry cook phase post venting.
  • Enables cooking from chilled or frozen.
  • Safety advantages as meat is not handled from packing to cooked.
  • No mess in the oven.
  • Saves clean up – no roasting pans to scrub.
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