Mini Fillet Roast wrapped in pork strip

320g cook-in-bag

Mini Fillet RoastFillet Roast

Matched with Char-grilled Red Pepper Salsa.

Serving Suggestions

  • Take fillet out of cook-in-bag pouch, slice into medallions and pan fry.
  • Slow cook on the BBQ.
  • Serve with roasted sweet and sour peppers.
  • Serve with honey glazed tamarillo.

Dinner Party

  • Roast and serve with a cream sauce with brandy.
  • Roll pork fillet in crushed mustard seeds and roast.
  • Make a pork fillet roast Wellington.
  • Serve with a fresh tomato sauce with garlic.

Cooked left overs

  • Fantastic in a sandwich with fresh bread and mesclun greens.
  • Slice onto a homemade pizza with oregano and mozzarella.

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