Pork Shank

600g, skinless

Pork Shank

Matched with a Moroccan, apricot & cinnamon paste.

Serving Suggestions

  • Pick the meat off the cooked shank and add to a stew with dried fruits.
  • Braise and serve with mashed potatoes and warm apple sauce.
  • Slow cook in crock-pot with 5 spice and serve with sticky rice.

Dinner Party

  • Pot roast pork shank with rich cider sauce. To impress the meat eating male, cook one each.
  • Make a pork shank and apricot pie with the cooked meat.
  • Pork rillettes.

Cooked left overs

  • Use in a sandwich with fresh crusty bread and your favourite condiment.
  • Shred and add to a stir-fry, soups, noodles, or with couscous, spring onions, dried fruits and sliced almonds.
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