7 pieces per pack

Perfect Pork SchnitzelSchitzel

In-pack condiment: Cranberry and Apple Sauce.

Cooking Ideas and Suggestions.

Cut into Stir-fry strips

Quickly fry in pan or wok for maximum 2 minutes and set-aside.
Cook vegetables, with the addition of a soy sauce.
Add cooked strips, stir through the vegetables and serve immediately.

Schnitzel steak sandwich

An ideal cut for a pork minute steak sandwich. Place cooked schnitzel in a burger bun or sandwich, spread with in-pack sauce condiment and a selection of your favourite toppings. Delicious, fast and healthy.

Crumb the Schnitzel

Spice up the Crumbs. Here are some ideas –

  • Add dry mustard or crushed mustard seeds.
  • Add chilli flakes.
  • Add paprika.
  • Use rolled oats instead of breadcrumbs.

Variations on coatings

  • Make an egg & grated parmesan batter. Shallow fry to cook.

Dinner Party Food

  • Panfry the schnitzel and place grated cheese with herbs on top. Lightly grill or bake.
  • Mix herbs, cheese and fresh breadcrumbs and stuff and roll the schnitzel. Pan fry then bake for 10 minutes.
  • Cut schnitzel into lengths and skewer onto satay sticks. Serve with peanut sauce.
  • Make an Asian style broth and get you guests to drop cut pieces into the boiling stock to enjoy the fresh taste. Serve with noodles and Asian vegetables.

Cooked Leftovers

  • Excellent in a sandwich with your favourite relish.
  • Place cold schnitzel in a bread roll and spread with a wholegrain mustard.

Cooking tips and recipe ideas for Perfect Pork Schnitzel and Strips.

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