Sirloin Roast

500g, cook-in-bag

Sirloin RoastSirloin Roast

Matched with condiment Apple Sauce with Brown Sugar & Thyme.

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve with other condiment sauces from the Perfect Pork range.
  • Serve the roast with a baked apple.
  • Serve with pork crackling (purchased and cooked separately)

Slicing Suggestions

  • Take the raw meat out of the cook-in-bag pouch and slice into steaks. Cook as steaks, kebabs, or smaller strips for satay or stir-fry strips.

Dinner Party

  • Roast the sirloin as per instructions and serve with caramelised pear slices and glazed green beans.
  • Make a stuffing of sausage meat and nuts with lemon zest and spices. Cook in a roll and serve sliced under slices of the cooked sirloin roast.
  • Serve sirloin roast with a sauté of sliced apples in butter, a little sugar and lemon juice for a quick and impressive sauce.
  • This roast is worthy of carving at the table (carve across the grain), with all the trimmings.

Cooked left overs

  • Hard to go past a cold pork sandwich with apple sauce in chunky fresh bread.
  • Shredded pork in a salad with chilli, rice noodles, Asian vegetables and coriander.

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